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The Expat Bar turns Hoser Hut – Buenos Aires, Argentina

I was talking to a group of Israeli people five minutes ago because they were curious about what would be fun to do in BA. When they found out I was Canadian, it was, Ahhh! Like Justin Beiber! Then the next chimes in, No, … Continue reading

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Cats in the Cemetary – Buenos Aires, Argentina

There are a lot of cats in the cemetary, just relaxing.  Seems to be the comoination of mice and no dogs (there are quite a few dogs being walked on the streets, or just hanging out on the sidewalk.) Cultuarally there … Continue reading

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Soccer, Mullets & a Deceptive Look – La Boca, Argentina –

I went to the southern part of town today called La Boca.  Lonely Planet describes it as “blue collar.”  The draw is that there are some really cool neighborhoods (barrios is the term – I´d remembered it from an old Offspring … Continue reading

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires has been great.  Some random thoughts: There are 40,000 cabs in town and they just relax.  There is no fare chasing, they use the meter, and none of the contant invtiations (i.e. ´Heeey senior!´) that I have seen in … Continue reading

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