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Chile – Sports! Sports!

I am currently in Valparasio Chile. It is an interesting place, big port and naval base, and an UNESCO heritage site. I have been here for a few days, and leave tomorrow for the north of Chile. Hopefully to see … Continue reading

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Chile – Bizzaro Burnaby, Victory Looting Prevention, Hot Dogs

Santiago Chile is sort of the bizzaro Burnaby. Like Burnaby, it has the mountains close by. But the smog makes Los Angelas look pure and pristine. It is a weird combo of industry in the outskirts, vehicles, an inversion that … Continue reading

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Argentina – The Bike Tour

I just arrived in Santiago Chile. The seven hour bus trip over crosses the Andes range which makes for some great scenery. The border crossing is about 11,000 ft in elevation (little over 3 km up) which was a lot … Continue reading

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Mountains, the Evil St Bernard, Shoelessness

Got into Mendoza today at 8:30 am. Like usual, I got lost and roamed around for a bit. It´s the Argentinian version of a Kelowna with respect to being the centre of wine production. But it has wide streets, European-style … Continue reading

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The land of amazing potential desktop backgrounds

Some people enjoy having a windows XP cloud scene or a photo of frighteningly close up flower for their computer desktop background. Fair enough. But for everyone else who likes a beautiful landscape, this part of Argentina is pretty amazing. … Continue reading

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How I Became a Lumberjack

Having just described an unfortunate man´s horribly abrasive snoring as ´chainsaw-like´ in my previous post, it got me thinking to my favorite chainsaw story. I was in the middle of career #1 as an incompetent movie threatre projectionist.  It was … Continue reading

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The Cop Shop & Doppelgangers – Rio Gallegos, Argentina

Obviously guidebooks are not accurate, but that´s fine.  In Rio Gallegos, a somewhat large town at about 80,000 people, pretty much none of the few places identified proved to exist. Myself and Jonny and Jeanette who I met in Ushuaia … Continue reading

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Leaving Ushuaia (fast update)

The plan is to leave tomorrow on the only bus out of town (5am, yar) and head the 12 hours back north to Rio Gallegos.  From there, it opens up the new approach of going north through the Chilean side … Continue reading

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Some Photos of Argentina

Buenos Aires – Plaza de Mayo Puerto Madero – Buenos Airies.  A lot like Vancouver here. A big protest.  It shut down the 16 lane main road.  Well, half of it.  Gotta get up pretty early in the morning to … Continue reading

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The Bus – Argentina

I´ve started from a great bus, moved to a good bus, and was mostly recently at a mediocre bus (i.e. worse than the Greyhound) for my 55 hours so far travelling south to Ushuaia.  The first leg was really nice – the seats … Continue reading

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