Bolivia – Some Fries with Your Salt?

To go from northern Chile into Bolivia, I did a three-day 4×4 trip across a lot of interesting ground. The main highlight is the Salar de Uyuni (salt flats) that is an area of 10,000+ km3 that is formerly a prehistoric lake that is now covered in a few meters of salt.

Fisherman's 'Island'

The starting point was the Bolivian border. We gained a few thousand meters elevation just to get here. It was a pretty rustic place, and very cold with the altitude (approx. 4000m up) and the wind.

Show me your passport! Yes, this is the official crossing.

Despite the humble nature of the infrastructure at the border there was still sophisticated systems in place to ensure security. This guy prowled around to find drugs. All we saw was him finding bread though, but it was probably coffee break. He seemed to live in the remains of a once nice bus. It had creepy things in it, like an old baby strolled with missing wheels.

The drug sniffing fox.

There were some geysers going on too. Part of the geothermal action was a hot springs on the first day. Nobody had really planned for this because most of the gear was tied down on the top of the jeeps. So it was a motley affair done in underwear mostly that did not involve drying off.

Geysers. Nobody fell in. However they potentially seemed to be a good venue for one to 'earn' a Darwin award by doing so.

Nobody was in the standing around mood after a bunch of hours in a jeep so this is an action shot.

The Stone Tree - Team Photo.

We did some climbing on the rocks too which was great.

We were hanging out by a lagoon and found bunch of llama parts. There was a paw that seemed like a good photo op. I took the pic of Hugo, then upon seeing it I decided that it looked pretty cool and that I wanted one of my own. Holding this thing in between two rocks was the best way to stay rabies free.

My photo though was less… classy. Michael had came by and I decided that trying unsuccessfully to menace him with the llama paw would be the best bet. He was unimpressed. The weather was still very cold too.

I hereby menace thee

The big island, called ‘Fisherman’s’ ironically, was very cool. It had llamas and cacti there.

Bombs in Bolivia... nuevo Che?

The scenery is definitely cool.

Then there was water....

Last stop was a train cemetery. Good thing that salt and rust are definitely not related. Next time I go away, I will leave my truck and other things made of iron here. Just for safe keeping.

Ok, for the mine. The outfits were obviously cool. And probably an inspiration for Ghostbusters. Here is the evidence:

Ghostbusters! But we all have dibbs on being Bill Murrey.

Ok, circumstantial evidence at best. Regardless, one more cool Salar pic here. No Photoshop either!

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1 Response to Bolivia – Some Fries with Your Salt?

  1. carolien says:

    wow, impressive foto’s; looks like you’re having fun too.
    as a relative of Hugo it’s nice to stay up to date with his adventures this way.
    thanks, Carolien

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