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Trip to South America

The End of my Travels

Well, this is the end of the travel tales. I was just thinking – maybe in the future I will avoid random stock market entries at Ecuadorian airports in light of the whole market crash as of late. I did … Continue reading

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Colombia – Last Stop & the 1980’s

Colombia was my stop for the last three weeks. Unfortunately I had a pretty overwhelming ‘excited to be back in Canada soon’ attitude. But despite that it’s an amazing, vibrant country. Medellin was a gorgeous city. It used to the … Continue reading

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Peru – Floating Islands & Cool Costumes

Better late than never… Lake Titicaca. This lake is shared by Bolivia and Peru. So the token English speaker on the Peruvian side describes it as: Peru got the Titi and Bolivia got the Caca! I am pretty sure it’s … Continue reading

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Ecuador – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This is an apt title, if only because I have a picture wearing an awesome poncho in Bolivia that will make Clint Eastwood jealous. I am waiting to get it via email so I can’t put it up just yet. … Continue reading

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Peru – The (Near) Bingo Victory / Machu Pichu / Ace Ventura

The South American buses play bingo. I had generally ignored this phenomenon before because of the unfortunate association with our North American Bingo ‘games’ held in smoky, depressed old foreclosed real estate in strip malls. Always beside pawn brokers, too. … Continue reading

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Going to Bolivia

Right now I am in San Pedro de Atacama. It’s a little, old west looking town of 5000 near the Bolivian border, 7900 ft in elevation. They have a nicer soccer field than this here, but if I was playing, … Continue reading

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Chile – Sports! Sports!

I am currently in Valparasio Chile. It is an interesting place, big port and naval base, and an UNESCO heritage site. I have been here for a few days, and leave tomorrow for the north of Chile. Hopefully to see … Continue reading

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Chile – Bizzaro Burnaby, Victory Looting Prevention, Hot Dogs

Santiago Chile is sort of the bizzaro Burnaby. Like Burnaby, it has the mountains close by. But the smog makes Los Angelas look pure and pristine. It is a weird combo of industry in the outskirts, vehicles, an inversion that … Continue reading

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Argentina – The Bike Tour

I just arrived in Santiago Chile. The seven hour bus trip over crosses the Andes range which makes for some great scenery. The border crossing is about 11,000 ft in elevation (little over 3 km up) which was a lot … Continue reading

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Mountains, the Evil St Bernard, Shoelessness

Got into Mendoza today at 8:30 am. Like usual, I got lost and roamed around for a bit. It´s the Argentinian version of a Kelowna with respect to being the centre of wine production. But it has wide streets, European-style … Continue reading

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